Dr. V.K.
I am a physician, mother, mindfulness based meditation enthusiast, and new to self-defense, among other things. Life is a gift. Whether given to us by our mothers, by God, or by the enzymes that allow the sperm to penetrate the egg, the journey of life is intrinsically enlaced with the sublime realization of it’s magnificence, splendor, beauty and frailty. I believe that when we assume responsibility for the gift of life, including our own lives, we subconciously pledge to honor and protect it. We, as responsible people, take protective measures against the unlikely and inconceivable - home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, etc; we keep track of the Dopplar radar when the skies turns dark, we salt our driveways before the winter storm hits, and we stay up at night when our kids are sick to make sure they will be ok. We want to protect the ones we love; and it is with the spirit of gratitude and love for my family and for my fellow law abiding human beings that I have taken self-defense courses with Mr. Joe Gilbert. Joe not only possesses top credentials and expertise in the field, but is also a fantastic instructor and coach. As an instructor, he helps his students build a strong foundation of skills, from the very basic, to the more detailed and complex tasks, focusing not only on the tasks themselves, but on the underlying principles and cognitive aspects behind them. As a coach, he intuitively knows his students - recognizing our strengths, weaknesses and limitations, both physical, cognitive and emotional, and motivating us to become the very best we can be, at our own pace. Finally, on a personal level, Mr. Gilbert is a delightful person to work with - he is genuine, humble, and makes us feel so at ease. As an absolute entry-level new shooter, I can heartfeltly attest to Mr. Gilbert’s patience and teaching skills; even though I have just commenced my training in self-defence, I feel comfortable that I can better protect myself and my family agaist deadly threats with the skills I have so far learned from Joe Gilbert. I highly recommend him to anyone who is legitimately interested in learning self-defense. It is a long road, but if your motivation, attitude, orientation and willingness to learn are right, you will be in fantastic hands in the hands of Joe Gilbert.