Public Service

Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention training is provided at no cost to your organization in an effort to reduce the number of firearms related suicides. Email us for more information.

Counseling about Access to Lethal Means - Clinical Presentation   (3 hours)

CALM (Counseling on Access to Lethal Means) was developed for mental and medical health providers who may work with suicidal or potentially suicidal people. CALM is intentionally delivered in a firearm neutral manner; increasing the safety of those at risk for suicide without judgment regarding their possession or use of firearms.

Conversation on Access to Lethal Means - General Public Presentation (1.0 hour)

Conversations on Access to Lethal Means, ConvoCALM or CALM.1, is intended to inform the general public of the role they can play in preventing suicide by reducing access to lethal means, how to identify and talk to someone who may be at risk of suicide, and options to encourage safer storage of lethal means. CALM.1 requires one hour to deliver and is firearm neutral.