Training and Philosphy for Better Living!
Training and Philosphy for Better Living!
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On-Site Training and Speaking.

Surviving and Handling Aftermath of Violent Physical Encounter

Private engagement for home or business designed to address and prepare attendees to best prepare for and handle the physical, emotional and legal challenges of an encounter with a Violent Criminal Actor (VCA)  

This detailed workshop covers what you need to know, say and do to minimize the likelihood of being killed by a perpetrator, shot by the police, prosecuted or found civilly liable for your actions or inaction during a physical emergency. You will learn what actions need to be taken to protect yourself and those in your care prior to, during and after a physical emergency.  You will also learn how to get medical attention as quickly as possible to the injured.

Rules of Engagement for Civilians

This course examines situations where deadly force is justified. It covers case law, in-depth legal principals and legal lessons learned from real-life survivors. Learn how your actions will be judged and how to protect your family from financial devastation.