Extreme Event Workshops

Surviving the extreme physical event is only the beginning of your challenges should you be involved in a lethal force encounter.  Legal fees to fight criminal and/or civil charges can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Knowing how to reduce the likelihood of you becoming a target physically, criminally, or civilly is priceless. The Larry Hickey case is an excellent example of the horror experienced by a law-abiding citizen who faced a lethal threat and both criminal and civil charges.  (Link here.)

Our public workshop will provide you the vital information needed to develop an actionable plan to protect your family at home, at work or elsewhere in public. Armed or unarmed, you can significantly reduce your risks with this information.

Surviving a Home Invasion and Surviving an Active Shooter At Your Business  workshops are tailored to your specific needs and will most certainly reduce risks to your family and associates.

These workshops are unparalleled in value. The information provided has been brought from diverse training and professional experience and is not available anyplace else.  

Join the others who choose to live a more secure life. Contact us at 573.808.5075 and let’s talk about saving lives

Surviving the Extreme Event Public Workshop

Learn information needed to survive a home invasion or encounter with an active shooter. This seminar is specifically tailored to provide the insight and information needed for you to build an actionable plan for deterring and best responding to an extreme event and managing the aftermath.  In terms of lifesaving value, this workshop is a must attend. Contact us for details. 

Surviving a Home Invasion

Designed to provide actionable information that will immediately reduce your risks and allow you to develop a powerful and flexible plan that is best suited for your specific circumstances. Contact us for details. 

Surviving an Active Shooter at Your Business

No place is immune to violence.  

Due to the unique factors of each business, please contact us  to schedule a no cost appointment. Together we can develop a conceptual agreement that provides the best options to protect your interests.  Email us or call  573.808.5075