Individual Immersive Training.

Individual Immersive Training.

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This is our popular Enhanced Defensive Pistol course taught at the individual level allowing the student undivided attention. There is no other course that will provide you with this life saving value. 

Curriculum includes, but is not limited to the ethical use of force, confidential life saving knowledge not available online, foundational handgun skills that will allow you to instinctively defend yourself and family, how to communicate with law enforcement on the scene, and critical knowledge to cope with the physical and psychological aftermath of a deadly force encounter.   

Course requirements: 300 rounds of ammunition, a duty quality reliable pistol, suitable holster, at least 2 spare magazines, rear button activated tactical flashlight at least 500 lumens, safety glasses and a hat with a brim.

Course length is approximately 5 to 6 hours. 

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