You Will Never Rise Above Your Words.

Joe Gilbert

Vocabulary is important and it is well proven that those with a weak vocabulary are more prone to violence.  Words are how we see the world. If we can’t understand what we see, how can we convey what we feel or need? 

This isn’t only about rising to the top of the social or economic ladder; it’s about letting other’s know who we really are!

You Will Never Rise Above Your Words!   Words don’t offend me. I was a Sailor for 12 years and can’t be shocked by vulgar or rude commentary spewed from another.

I can, however, be hurt by cruel language from a friend or person I love. Why? 
Because what we are seeing in that moment is what is inside that person.  We are now seeing the truth!

Think twice or three times before you lash-out. If you’re the target, don’t respond.  We have no idea what the other person may have just experienced, but we have the ability to stop kicking the dog down the road.  If you suffer verbal abuse from another person, cut them from your life (like a cancer) and move on.   Don’t surrender your precious time to someone with whom you have no future.

Extend a little gratitude and you will be rewarded many times over.  


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  • Big Sis on

    Well learned lesson for us. Proud of the man youve become. Just hope you’ve quit thowing pancakes on the ceiling a small flaw…Love

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