You Can Save a Life - Maybe Your Own!

Joe Gilbert

Most all of us have first aid supplies (Band-Aids, etc.) in a kitchen drawer, our car or another convenient place should we suffer a scrape or small cut. If you are an active person (hiker, runner, biker, shooter) or attend public events you should have a trauma kit on your person or immediately accessible.  Current training teaches the mnemonic "WEMARCH". Weapons-Explosives-Massive Bleeding-Airway-Respiratory-Circulation-Head injury/hypothermia.  Our world continues to evolve and not always in a positive manner. Terrorism is a real threat (Boston Marathon) and mass bleeding is the quickest killer. If we can take care of the basics, most can survive until medical personnel take over.  Less than $250 invested in training and gear can literally mean the difference between life and death.

First Aid or Trauma Kit?

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