Winning Wednesday - Facing Violence with Force.

Joe Gilbert


I will argue that at this time in history it is more important than ever for you to take responsibility for your own safety. If not prepared, you're in trouble when violence (outside the X-Box) comes calling.  

You should spend some time on Google and see  exactly how violence can destroy or end your life.  It is time to get some training and learn how to protect the people you love. Make it a family priority. Do it as a couple and be prepared. 

Never has it been easier to get quality training that may save your life. Lawful use of FORCE to stop VIOLENCE is the only solution we have. The bad people are not us.  

Look at the following video and think about what you would do if this happened inside your home. Could you handle a situation like this? Our 12-hour pistol courses actually prepare you for this exact situation. If you ever allow yourself or a family member to be taken from the scene, it's a virtual guarantee that you or your family member will die within 24 hours. 

The police do an excellent job here, but it's simply not possible to count on their presence when needed.   

ABC New Video: Man attempts to abduct 2-year-old.


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