Winning Wednesday - Pharmacist Kills Robber During Robbery Attempt.

Joe Gilbert

The pharmacist was alert and quickly engaged the threat resulting in the death of the robber. The second round struck the robber's pistol rendering it inoperative (unknown to the pharmacist). We can see that things don't happen in a vacuum. The other people in close proximity created some complex variables; however, I won't dissect the video in detail (there's another guy who does that). My main comment is that his hesitation after the first shot allowed the robber to jump back into the fight. Remember we don't decide when it's over, the bad guy does. Three or four rounds into the bad guy before evaluating effect probably would have stopped him from re-engaging the pharmacist twice.   Big Takeaway is - Bullets aren't magic. When we respond to violence with deadly force, we must fully commit and deliver sufficient force with speed and accuracy to stop the aggression toward us. This is why training is so important. Watch the video a few times and also note the pharmacist's grip (or lack of) on his pistol. His inability to maintain control of the firearm apparent. 

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If you Google this event and read the comments, you will see the majority of people responding are NOT the people we want to be. There is no room for bravado or humor when you go armed and are faced with the use deadly force. 

 Video of Robbery

No Charges to be filed.

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