Have You Ever Asked Yourself, Who Do I Want To Be - Who Am I?

Joe Gilbert

I want to be a generous connected person. I want to be the person you can trust to listen to your fears and doubts.  A person who is simply there for those I care about. I want to be a person you trust with your emotions, your life and your family's safety. I want to be a friend who will gently guide you when you are off course, a person open to being guided when I've gone astray.

I want to be a student. I want to learn and think and form my own conclusions. I want to walk with confidence knowing that I can protect my loved ones from evil that also walks this earth.

I want to enjoy life, experience emotions, be moved to think and share and love. I want to inspire others and help them to see themselves in a better place, more able and more valued.

I want to enjoy the finest foods and wines, and see the wonders of the earth. I want human warmth and love.

How do I grade myself, maybe a B+.

Learning is life a long process and not all lessons are enjoyable. My personal and professional life are intrinsically linked. I do what I love.

Through hard work, repeated failures, many wins, and mentor-ship from dear friends like Eddie Mapula Sr., John Farnam and others, I have earned the trust and friendship of many.

As a professional I have developed a system of coaching, training and motivation that allows me to help others develop critical physical skills without exposing them to the vulgar language, crude humor, and intimidating and off-putting environment that prevents so many professional men and women from seeking training that may one day save their life. 

Who am I?  I'm close to who I want to be. I move closer everyday.

I invite you to drop your mask and join me in pursuit of a better, more secure future!






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