Unlawful Use of a Weapon?

Joe Gilbert

Along with rights come responsibilities. When you carry and/or use a weapon, you better know what is legal and what is not. You also need to know that even if justified, use of a weapon will likely be a life altering experience. A Tennant in a nearby town apparently felt an obligation to be a guardian of his landlord's business that is located next to his domicile. Our guardian apparently heard noises and confronted a person attempting to enter the business. He then shot a warning shot into the air, shot at the bad-guy's car as he was fleeing, and even managed to shoot himself In the foot as a bonus. After all of this, our guardian freely admitted all of the above to the local news crew.  The police arrested the would-be burglar and the guardian is free. The Ashland Police Department said the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are possible. Who do you think (besides the burglar) committed a crime or few.. ;)

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