Training Tuesday - Working From Concealment

Joe Gilbert

butt shot

Note The Holes And Seeping Blood. Re-holster Gone Wrong.

We often hear "we must train our weak areas" not do what's easy. If you carry a gun, this could be the difference between life and death. The photo above is of a student (very experienced shooter) who toward the end of three days of hard training attempted to re-holster and although "it didn't feel right" he pushed the gun into his pocket instead of his holster.   This could have been much worse. 

Here is a very well written article on the importance and risks of drawing from concealment.  The author also gives good advice on seeking training.  Originally surprised at how well the article was written and then noticed that it was penned by my friend Tamara Keel (she's a winner). Enjoy the read.  

How to practice drawing from concealment. 

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