Training Tuesday - Inducing Stress During Training.

Joe Gilbert

Depth over breadth is one of our core beliefs. We don't need fancy techniques for reloading or super fantastic ultra pistols to be victorious. What we need are a few basic (proven) techniques practiced in a deliberate manner over and over and over until they can be performed under duress and without delay.  As we accumulate repetitions of action it is important to begin adding "stress" to our drills to inoculate ourselves from loss of performance during unplanned high stress events.   

Adding stress in defensive pistol training can be as simple as using a timer, or incorporating challenging physical movements (running to cover) into our drills.  A few core skills practiced under duress will yield strong results.  

Here is a link with very practical advice on developing better performance:

Stress Inoculation Training in Tactical Strength and Conditioning. 

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