Thinking Thursday - Does Buying a Gym Membership Instantly Make Us More Fit?

Joe Gilbert

My point is simple. We can't buy a weight set and magically become stronger, nor can we buy a pistol and read our way to proficiency.  We have to do the work.  

I dislike the word "hack" as applied to virtually everything that takes honest work to master. Hack this, hack that... How about we stop fooling ourselves and recognize that in achieving a goal, the goal most often turns out to be less important than what we had to become to achieve it!  Neither wealth nor skill will long exceed our level of personal development. However, one positive small step forward impacts us in many ways. Each positive step forward put other pieces in place to help us have more because we become more.  This is not hocus-pocus, it is fact.  The best athletes, the wealthiest and happiest people among us have one thing in common; they work at becoming a better version of themselves each day.  

We are most happy when we are working to achieve an end. Even if the end goal changes (our goals should evolve as we grow) we become better at many things while pursing one.

Let's give up on "hacks" and think of better ways to do the work and to live a richer life. We will all benefit in the end. 


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