Revolvers for self defense.

Joe Gilbert

We often recommend a revolver for females concerned with personal defense. Not because women aren't capable of operating a pistol, but because the typical attack dynamic is different.  For men, it's most often along the lines of "give me all your stuff". Women are more often abducted from a parking lot, while on a trail or physically assaulted in their home.  Women are much more likely to be in very close contact with their attacker (another topic altogether).

One objection voiced by most everyone is the recoil generated by 38 Special / 357 Magnum rounds fired from a small revolver. It's not comfortable for anyone. 

We continue to sell the Ruger LCR chambered for 327 Federal Magnum at a rate at least 5 times that of the 38 Special because the aforementioned LCR can also fire 32 S&W and 32 H&R Magnum rounds.  Both are acceptable defensive rounds and the recoil is very manageable.   Come see me at Target Masters for more info. 

John Farnam took the Ruger 327 for a spin during one of our training classes earlier this year and was impressed enough to publish a quip on the topic. You can probably search the "Google" and find it. 

In the meantime, check out this great article on running a revolver for defensive use:

Big Wheel Keep on Turning

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