Resurgene of the Single-Stack Pistol.

Joe Gilbert

2019 Shot Show reports indicated an emphasis on smaller single-stack guns for the coming year. From our in store sales data the single-stack is what’s hot.  Why? I believe that a big driver in this is the increase in women opting to carry a concealed weapon and the continued violence noted on the news is fueling (well deserved) questions about personal safety.  We are selling Glock 48s, Shields, and P365s far faster than others. Next in line are Glock 19 and its variants, the 45 and 19X. The smaller grip and distance to trigger makes a single stack easier to operate for those with smaller hands and the narrower frame is more conducive to inside the waist carry. 9mm is by far the most common choice and for good reason.

I am manufacturing far more inside the waist holsters (as a percentage of total) this year; another sign that people are choosing to carry IWB and take responsibility for their own safety. 

In addition to single-stacks, we are selling a good number of small revolvers, especially in 32 caliber, more on that Thursday.   In the meantime, here is a link to an article discussing the resurgence. Single-Stacks are back.

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