Woman shot to death in car while sitting in driveway.

Joe Gilbert

The community of Baton Rouge, LA is reportedly stunned after a woman is shot to death in her vehicle while sitting in the driveway talking with a friend.  Living there for 19 years, I know the location very well. It is an older established neighborhood just south of the known debarkation line dividing the north and south halves of the city. The south side is considered mostly safe and the north is considered dangerous.

This story is reported as a random car jacking gone bad; however, I find it had to believe a masked carjacker would wait in neighborhood hoping to catch a random homeowner arriving in the evening.  I may be wrong, but instincts say there is more to the story.

 Regardless of motive, this drives home (no pun intended) the need to realize you are vulnerable in your vehicle.  You are vulnerable at traffic signals, at drive-thru windows, in parking lots, and even in your driveway.

 Vehicles are a great point of attack for predators, especially if you are loading groceries or other items into your vehicle or sitting in line or having just received your order from a drive-thru. Especially if you visit late at night.  If you chose to visit a fast food window, keep your eyes open, doors locked and windows up.  When you get your order, don’t sit with your window down checking your order or putting your change away. Get moving.

Other points of vulnerability include traffic lights and gas stations. Always leave escape room between you and the vehicle ahead for you. Stay alert at gas stations. I have personally experienced two late night encounters that came from the dark. Luckily artful verbal commands and movement precluded violence.  Fuel up during the day and at known places when possible.  Also, Never ignore your gut instinct; if it feels wrong, leave.

Lastly, how many of you can access your gun while strapped into your seat. Have you ever fired a gun inside a vehicle, shot through a windshield or handled a gun in a vehicle with others inside?  I encourage you to seek training and most importantly be alert and avoid the known danger areas. You are not safe in s sitting vehicle. 

Woman shot in car dropping off a friend.

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