Motivation Monday - Pharmacies and Pain Clinics at Particular Risk.

Joe Gilbert

Video of the recent CVS Pharmacy robbery in New Orleans illustrates our most important training point. No one is coming to save you!!!

As soon as the officers ID suspects inside store and realize the suspects are armed, the police exit the store.  Lucky for the people inside the armed robbers also exited the store. A shootout then ensued.  The conversation about the amount of rounds fired and inability of the NOPD officers to decisively end the confrontation are for another day.  Most police officers are not "gun people" and are not experts when it comes to using their guns. Like the officers who let the children be executed at the high school, these officers left the victims on their own. 

Bottom line is that these Violent Criminal Actors could easily have taken hostages and/or killed the people inside.

It is very important to note that the training provided to citizens by police is inadequate, to say the least, as is  industry advice on dealing with a dangerous threat. Knowing that aversion of  liability (while appearing to do something) is their main concern tells us we need to be capable and ready to defend ourselves. We refer to these public polices as "security theater", for that is all they are.  Take a look at our course outline on Surviving an encounter with an Active Killer/ Violent Criminal Actor  to see some of the topics covered.

Here is the link to CVS police video.

No one is coming to your rescue!

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