Motivation Monday - Active Shooter at CA Festival.

Joe Gilbert


Sadly we see another active shooting event unfold and many lives destroyed by evil. We will see the shooter portrayed in various ways to suit the viewpoint of each writer; however, every bit of what you read is of no value with the exception of how many were shot, the inescapable fact that this was a gun free zone, how the shooter entered the venue, and how long before force was used to stop the shooter.

  • At this point 3 victims killed and 15 shot. 
  • Police response (force used to stop killer) less than one minute.
  • Shooter bypassed security by cutting fence to enter venue.

Distilled to the basics, this is a math problem. On average, ten people are shot every minute during an active shooter event. The number shot is more heavily distributed to early moments of each event.  This the quickest response of which I'm aware for law enforcement to engage and stop an active shooter.   Even with this stellar response, the point is clear: No one is coming to your rescue.  

If you choose to enter a crowded gun free zone with no ability to defend yourself you are at risk.  Choose wisely.   

CBS News accounting of event. 

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