Minimum Competency for Carrying Concealed.

Joe Gilbert

 All of the training we conduct is done from concealment. It is a challenge that is an eye-opener for most students. It is also a tremendous learning experience as we collectively see what works and what does not. To better suit busy students we typically teach our (Beyond CCW) courses in two-hour multi-morning blocks that build new skills while re-enforcing skills learned in the previous sessions. This also allows students the opportunity to attend blocks over again without substantial time or expense required. 

After the fourth hour we begin utilizing the John Farnam test we use during the DTI courses. The test (for DTI Basic Defensive Pistol) consists of seven shots with 100% accuracy, zero safety or procedural errors, a malfunction clearance and reload completed in 22 seconds (15 seconds for his Instructors). All shots must be in the A-zone on a USPSA target.

This test may seem simple on the surface; however, its brilliance is hidden from casual view.  In order to pass this test, your core skills must at a level to allow perfect execution with little cognitive loading. If you are nervous about being watched by others and overcome by the stress, you will fail. I’ve seen people fail and quit (not a good trait) and others make it after multiple attempts.

It boils down to basic skills (properly and repeatedly executed) becoming habitual and able to be performed with little conscious thought, thus allowing cognitive power to be utilized making event specific decisions.

 The link has some great resources and drills that you should think about including in your range time. Minimum Competency for Defensive Pistol

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