How to Use Pepper Spray

Joe Gilbert

 Pepper spray is not something to buy and toss in your purse, glove box or leave in your nightstand. If you carry a gun, you need some less lethal alternatives to use first. Keep in mind that if employed, you should report the incident to the police so that they know you were the victim. Odds are there will be surveillance footage available and if you were the aggressor, you will be arrested.  This photo is of a very large fellow who decided to assault me after I informed him that our dumpster was not for public use.


What began as a polite conversation escalated in an instant when something in the fellow's mind snapped?  When he approached me in an angry fashion, I raised my hand and issued the standard "STAY BACK" command. It worked, for about two seconds before he spun around to attack.  He was met with a blast of Sabre and it immediately stopped the attack, but only for about two seconds. He started to turn toward me and I aggressively sprayed him again. Second blast ended the confrontation. As John Farnam states, we need to destroy their will to fight. They decide when it's over, not us. Following the encounter I notified the police and upon arrival they immediately asked to see surveillance video. After seeing the video and noting the use was justified, they were on their way. Always have an option!   Here is a decent article on using pepper spray

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