Training to help you die faster.

Joe Gilbert

This is short and sweet today.

  1. Handling guns is not and will never be safe!
  2. You will fight and respond the way you train, period.
  3. You will fight at a lower level of proficiency than displayed during training. 
  4. If you routinely holster empty weapons, leave magazines empty, lock your weapons and ammunition out of reach, you can expect to die swiftly or maybe slowly and painfully at the hands of a violent actor.

A married couple who shoot weekly at our range and are proficient shooters were sitting home enjoying a TV show when the power went out and then heard the garage door being kicked in. They panicked. Their guns and ammunition were locked safely away and they were helpless.  The door leading from the garage to the house has targets hanging on it and the police believe the would-be invaders aborted because the homeowners were armed.  If only the bad guy/s knew that the guns and ammo were locked away, what fun they could have had!   -  Realizing they were given a second chance, their guns are no longer locked away.

Here are some excerpts from a training facility/range that practices what I consider to be a pathetic philosophy of training sheep, not operators.

  1. At the start of the event, if you are carrying your gun concealed, holstered, and loaded.  An event official will ask if anyone is carrying a loaded firearm, and will conduct a safe and supervised unload with you.
  2. if you need to leave the range area for the restroom or other business.  Ask for the assistance of an event official, who will supervise and direct you in casing your gun when it is safe to do so.
  3. All guns are to be left unloaded at all times until you are on the designated firing line and are instructed to "load and make ready."

I would post more, but it's not necessary to illustrate my point.  Should the "TEST" come your way, you better be prepared. I guarantee you the bad guy won't give you time to make ready.




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