Grit and Winning Mindset.

Joe Gilbert

You have to do the hard work to reap the victory!

When faced with violence, we must act with force and eliminate the threat. We make the decision to learn de-escalation / de-selection skills along with physical skills required to implement the force required to stop the violence against us.

Here is a major rub; we decide to train, sweat, fail and even QUIT in training, but in a violent encounter we don't get to decide when it's over. Are you prepared mentally and physically?

Stopping a violent attack requires us to both physically disable the attacker and destroy the attacker's will to fight. Do you have the fitness level, physical skills and GRIT to keep fighting when you are puking and can't breathe from exhaustion? Can you survive 30 seconds of full strength, full on physical exertion and still get you gun on target and prevail?  How often do you display GRIT by getting to the gym to train, improving your skills at the range or attending real training? 

Grit and winning is not just about business or relationships, it's really about surviving in every aspect of life. 

Give the article linked below a read. I highly recommend listening to Angela Duckworth and giving this topic real consideration.

Five Ways to Develop a Winning Mindset.

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