Front Sight Focus.

Joe Gilbert

We train shooters to obtain the sight-picture needed, meaning at least get the front sight on the target. Mas Ayoob refers to "Shooting out of the Notch" or the "Stress Point Index". Out to about 5 yards point of impact is only slightly different than if you were using a precision sight picture.  We need the front sight on target because we want to stop the threat, not send bullets into the air headed for the bystander across the road.  A precision sight picture is rarely needed and is not the topic of this post. What is important to realize is that we are aiming for a fairly large target (center mass) to effectively lower the bad-guy's blood pressure to the point that he is no longer a threat.  Read the linked article and come take a few classes with us at Target Masters. 

Front Sight On Target is Essential.

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