The Fighting Four

Joe Gilbert

Fighting is the least important skill we teach, until it isn’t.  You have to do the work. When you put in the effort it takes to skillfully employ your weapon, you are rewarded with the confidence that accompanies competence.  When you’ve endured thousands of hours of intentional, correct training you are rewarded with the ability to see what others cannot and hopefully imbued with the humility to lead and encourage others. 

We are advocates of simple skills performed exceptionally well and adhere to the philosophy of “4D’s”.  They are: 1) Divide the attacker’s attention, 2) Disrupt their plan, 3) Disable their body, 4) Destroy their will to fight. We don’t get to decide when the fight is over, they do.

In the words of my dear friend and mentor, John Farnam, the world’s greatest lovers and shooters have two things in common. No one has ever witnessed their performance. You do not want to fail the ultimate exam. 

My hope is that all of you live a life of courtesy and respect, and develop the physical skills required to protect yourself and your family from the evil that does exist.    


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