Guys Portrayed as Heroes.

Joe Gilbert

When a person survives a violent encounter, we should be hesitant in judging their reactions; however, this attempted robbery of a group of Indiana boys in Florida speaks volumes about today’s culture.  These  "men" (only one struck the attacker and then danced around) reacted as two little girls would fighting over a doll. One did nothing to help the others. They are very lucky to be alive and the expressive behavior (dancing and gesturing) is a product of a generation wanting to look tough and trained by Xbox. Pathetic. As to the guy pointing the gun at the attackers, it was long past being justified as they had then become the aggressors. Had he shot the robber, he would likely be facing prison. Sadly a wife and child will one day be depending on boys like them for their safety. More theater. 

Florida robbery attempt. 

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