Deliberate Practice.

Joe Gilbert

How good is good enough? In any endeavor it can be intimidating to seek training or perform where others are watching and no doubt comparing their performance to yours. Having served in an elite military unit, I can tell you that peer pressure and good feedback will bring out the best in you, if you let it. 

When training with a firearm you need a deliberate objective. After basic skills are learned, you need to refine them and measure your performance under duress. 10,000 repetitions is not a magic number, but it is true that we must do something thousands of times to truly become an expert. Here's the rub. It should be an iterative process, but without deliberate objective training, accurate feedback, self-reflection and perseverance, you are likely stifling your improvement by repeating both good and bad habits. Lets stay in the growth mindset and do our best.

Finally, although shooting is widely considered a sport, it is anything but when we train to defend our life. Missing your target on the range is nothing. Missing your assailant and accidentally shooting an innocent bystander can't be undone. If you carry or own a firearm for defense, you better get serious. 

Hope to see you in class!


In the meantime, here is a good read on Deliberate Practice.



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