Core Concepts Evolve - Basic Skills Remain Key to Victory.

Joe Gilbert

This was penned by John Farnam after the 2004 NTI (National Tactical Invitational) in Harrisburg, PA.  Those lucky enough to have trainied with him understand that John places a huge emphasis on creating "Operators", not drones that wait and follow directions. The following points still hold true today.

When the fight for your life has commenced, be:

(1) Highly violent and unrestrained. Make the Dr. Jeckel to Mr. Hide transformation decisively and at once. Shoot threatening individuals repetitively and relentlessly until they no longer represent a threat.

(2) Ready to instantly move off the line of force when a threat is detected. Don’t dither!

(3) Prepared to forcibly disarm threatening individuals when they get within an arm’s reach with pistols. I disarmed robbery suspects on two separate occasions when they stuck guns in my face. Both were so surprised and startled they just gawked at me in disbelief!

(4) Scanning constantly, in all directions

(5) In constant motion

(6) Constantly behind, or moving to, cover

(7) Constantly aware of, and moving to, an exit

(8) Surgically accurate. Keep all hits on the body midline whenever possible. Be prepared to instantly transition to a backup gun or blade, when necessary

(9) Absolutely objective, paying no heed to conventional “Authorized Personnel Only” signs and the like.

Most shooting was close, but not all. Precise trigger control and correct use of sights are more important than body position.

When confronting potentially dangerous people:

(1) Attempt to be invisible and/or deselected. Exit at the first sign of trouble/danger. 

(2) Aggressively disengage! Use posturing, movement, distraction, OC spray, and verbiage to separate yourself from threatening individual(s). Don’t get boxed in. Stay in the open where you can move in any direction. Continue to separate from them, even when they chase after you or try to get in front of you. After a while, they will give it up.

(3) Use OC spray at the first sign of physical or verbal aggression on the part of suspect(s). After spraying the individual(s), disengage and separate quickly.

(4) Be fully prepared to draw your pistol promptly when suspect(s) produce a weapon of any kind or otherwise threaten with deadly force. As your pistol is drawn, move to cover immediately.

(5) Don’t allow suspects to engage you in conversation. If you answer their questions, you are allowing them to set the agenda. Instead, politely, but firmly, dismiss them and separate. Be in constant motion. Don’t stand in one place and answer their questions.

(6) When talking with police, be polite but not talkative. Don’t answer questions that weren’t asked. If you’re involved in a violent incident in any capacity, request that no questions be asked before your attorney is personally present. If questions are asked anyway, politely respond that you want to consult with your lawyer before answering.

(7) Don’t be restrained by other peoples’ lack of action. If danger signs are clearly present, get out! Don’t worry about what others are doing or not doing.


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