Choosing a Firearms Instructor.

Joe Gilbert

This is an important topic, especially at a time where anyone can build a website and start teaching classes.  The following article provides a substantial amount of information that should help you choose a quality instructor that can improve your skill set (in as safe a manner as possible) while maintaining an emphasis on reality. There are some industry icons and new leaders emerging who you can count on for quality training. If you can find an instructor who has trained with any of them and maintains a relationship within the group, you will be in competent hands.  Here are a few names: Tom Givens, John Farnam, Mas Ayoob, Greg Ellifritz, Daryl Bolke, John Murphy and your host here at Action Tactical, Joe Gilbert.  Prepare to spend some time, effort and money to develop basic skills to the level needed to effectively put your firearm to work when needed. 

How to choose an instructor. 

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