Aging Eyes and Front Sight Focus

Joe Gilbert

A topic filled with frustration and expense.  Many shooters have spent hundreds of dollars on prescription glasses that they wear exclusively when shooting. Glad that works for them, but I have one BIG question. What are you going to do when you experience a real violent encounter?  Competition is great fun and it does provide you with trigger time and some level of stress inoculation; however, targets don’t shoot back and techniques and products designed for speed are often not appropriate for defensive use. Read the article and think a little about your daily security needs. If you’re like me, you’ll accept the fact that we are aging and not worry about perfect front sight focus. Operators shoot to stop the threat and in the context of defense, a precision sight picture is almost never needed.  Get the fuzzy front sight on target and -----   Carry on!

The Right RX For Aging Eyes

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