6-Steps To Survive An Active Shooter.

Joe Gilbert

Having conducted over 20, 000 hours of surveillance I can tell you that the vast majority of people routinely visit the same handful of places with very little variance. There are many nuances that can be added; however, the point is to Keep It Simple And Survive!

We don’t need to channel our inner-secret-agent to adopt a few practices that may save our lives.

Here’s how: 

  1. List places you visit each week to include work, grocery store, gas station (I stay out of gas stations if possible), big box store, etc.
  2. During your next visit note each exit, entry to employee areas, etc.
  3. Drive around each place and note location of exterior doors and escape route from each door.
  4. Inform your family members of your findings.
  5. Avoid main entry/exit points during an emergency unless you are near them and can make it out without encountering the threat or being trampled by others.
  6. When you hear unusual noises or see others acting panicked (you will know what is unusual) get out of the place without delay or verification of threat.

Kneeling in an isle and waiting, or not exiting because a sign says “employees only” places you at high risk.  GET OUT.

Keep It Simple And Survive.

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