Training and Philosphy for Better Living!
Training and Philosphy for Better Living!
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Philosophy for Success and Security

Joe Gilbert

The modern definition of cowardice should include conformity.

Identify your  core values and start committing your dreams to paper. Start with just a plan for the day, then your week, etc.  Just as rockets to space or a freighters crossing the ocean require course corrections, they both start with a pre-planned destination. 

Your philosophy will evolve as you move toward your desired points in life. Devise a plan to overcome all obstacles to your dreams. When you do, first look to the mirror. Rise an hour earlier, read, learn, grow! Never forget; A person who won't read has no advantage over a person who can't. Absorb life.  
Let emotions move you. TAKE ACTION!    

 Follow the link below to an excellent article penned by Jennifer Taylor Chan:

Create Your Own Personal Philosophy.

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